Information Management


Accelerated Information Management (AIM) is a unique IT services firm that specializes in the data-oriented aspects of each part of the IT value chain from architecture to design to development to delivery. The firm’s capabilities are divided into three areas of expertise... Contact us for our capabilities data sheet.

Consumer-Driven Information Production

Our Chief Technology Officer, Michael Daconta, is a thought leader in this space and the author of “Information As Product: How to Deliver the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time”. Our CTO is guiding, training and mentoring our best data architects to make strategic information delivery a reality in your organization.

Specific solutions in this area are: Data Quality Environment development; Data Governance design and operation; Metadata Design and XML Exchange Design;

Data-Driven Software Development

Our developers know data! From the moment they are hired we run them through a data management boot camp on our unique data-driven process. Our process integrates data management best practices, checklists, tools and toolkits into the software development process. Developing software in this manner guarantees you don’t build stovepipes.

Specific solutions in this area are: Data Security and Privacy Software Expertise; Database Design and Data Modeling Expertise; SOA Data Services Expertise and ESB Expertise; Semantic Web, Rule-based Management Systems and Knowledge Management Application Development.

Business-Driven Architecture

Our associates understand that IT serves the business and not the other way around. We can deliver the strategy, models and metrics to achieve line of sight from your business goals to your IT investments. We specialize in integrating EA processes into your System Development Lifecycle to deliver an EA that works.

Specific solutions in this area are: Enterprise Architecture Model Development; Enterprise Architecture Assessments and Scorecard Development; Enterprise Repository Development and Population; Decision Support and Business Intelligence Technologies.