Information Management

A new kind of challenge

Every minute of every day your employees create more data... Data that may be private but is not on anyone's inventory... Data that may be relevant but cannot be found ... Data that may be innaccurate and is being briefed right now ... Data that is NOT managed and NOT information. For many organizations, this growing, intangible data challenge also holds the seed of their greatest opportunity...

A new kind of company

Accelerated Information Management LLC was founded to bring a better methodology to customers like you. We call it "Information As Product" or IAP. Our unique approach to Information Production treats Information as a tangible product... this enables a truly repeatable process that accelerates your data and information management efforts ... no more endless analysis. How? By leveraging time-tested and proven techniques in the physical product value chain into an information production process. A process that accelerates your decision cycles via strategic information delivery ... a process that reliably turns your data into information!

Our current and previous customers agree with us and have rated our performance at 94 out of 100 according to Dun & Bradstreet! Download the Open Ratings Report and see for yourself!

We hope you will learn more about our company and contact us to discuss tailoring our process to your unique needs. Visit the News section of our site for details on the latest events, articles and stories about our company and employees.